Senin, 11 Januari 2010

Borobudur Temple @ Indonesia Java

It is a temple on the Java island which is part of Indonesia Java International Destination. This temple named Borobudur that is the largest Buddhist temple in the world which is one of the seven wonders of the world. Located adjacent to the Northwest of Yogyakarta city, more or less as far as 42 km. Built in the 8th century, with hard work and sweat under the sting of the tropical sun, the workers supported persistence and dedication of high from relatives and people Cailendra ruling dynasty at the time. Temple really shows the greatness of the kingdom Cailendra, who attempted to describe the biography of Siddhartha Gautama, and explain its teachings through relief terukiir beautiful temple wall.

Besides being the highest symbol of Buddhism, the Borobudur stupa is also a symbol of nature namely Three: Kamadhatu-Rupadhatu-Arupadhatu (lower nature), nature center (between) and the nature of, a manifestation of the relationship between travel and travel great alit, which was built in the architecture of the future far beyond his time.

The temple included in this Indonesia Java International Destination is Basic building approximately estimated around 123 square meters, and takes around 55,000 cubic meters of andesite stone to build it. Kamadhatu level consists of about 16,000 cubic meters of rock. And the original walls have about 160 scenes showing Karmawibhangga the law of karma. All of these reliefs can now be seen in the room audio-visual area of the temple is located, with additional costs. At level Rupadhatu manuscripts are reliefs depicting ancient legends Hindhu like Gandawyuha, Lalitawistara, Jataka, Awadana, etc.. Then there is the outer limit of transitional form of square, but the inside circle round.

Borobudur Indonesia JavA

At the top level consists of three plain (terrace) storey circular which no longer present relief, but each level contains 32, 24 and 16 fruits in it contains effigies of each of the Buddha statues once smooth his fretwork, Buddha is said to form in Borobudur is the sweetest in the world, said experts and visitors.

In the middle of the top peak there is a large stupa (the parent) which were closed, with the inside blank (very symbolic meaning). All the reliefs contained in the 1460 scenes in the natural world and the Buddha. The whole saga of life of the Buddha present in the great temples and holy. In vain you call yourself a Buddhist if Hindhu or never bertirta-yatra to this great monument. Every month of May is celebrated Vesak holiday in this temple and the temples such as Mendut, and sebaginya, which is located near this area of Borobudur.
That's my little knowledge about the temple in Indonesia Java International Destination. thank you have read this article. see again in the next post.

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